The School District of Tigerton does not discriminate against pupils on the basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability or handicap in its education programs or activities, political affiliation, arrest or conviction record, membership in the National Guard, State Defense or Reserve Component of the Military Forces of the United States or State of Wisconsin. Federal law prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion or handicap.

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Faculty & Staff

Elementary School

High School/Middle School

Elementary Office Secretary

Brenda Gauthier                    (715) 535-4051


Linda Kreklow                       (715) 535-4070

Mrs. Kreklow's Webpage


Gretchen Styczynski             (715) 535-4078

First Grade

Susan Nordwig                     (715) 535-4060

Second Grade

Brian Harris                            (715) 535-4064

Mr. Harris' Webpage

Third Grade

Michelle Brady                      (715) 535-4056

Mrs. Brady's Webpage

Fourth Grade

Holly Block                             (715) 535-4055

Fifth Grade

Doreen Kakes                        (715) 535-4067

Special Ed.

Jenice Nawrocke                  (715) 535-4075


Loretta Raddant                     (715) 535-4065

Title 1 Reading

Mary Hayes                            (715) 535-4057

3K and 4K

Kelly Hauser                           (715) 535-4003

Elementary School Custodian

Joline Johnson                

School Nurse    (Elementary & H.S.)

Amy Strehlow                        (715) 535-4027

High School Office Secretary

Rose Zahn                           (715) 535-4001

School Counseling

Amy Rice                            (715) 535-4024

Ms. Rice's Webpage


Kayla Merten                       (715) 535-4011

Mrs. Merten's Webpage

High School Science

Chad Pritzl                          (715) 535-4037

High School Mathematics

Amy Krolow                       (715) 535-4036

Ms. Krolow's Webpage


Joan Meeder                      (715) 535-4029

High School English

Peggy Erickson                  (715) 535-4008

High School History

Matthew Herrbold              (715) 535-4012

Physical Education/Athletic Director

Lance Litchfield                 (715) 535-4002

Middle School

Wanda Minniecheske       (715) 535-4022

Mrs. Minniecheske's Webpage

Middle School

Elizabeth Marquardt          (715) 535-4025

Mrs. Marquardt's Webpage


Lori Rowe                           (715) 535-4026

Tech Ed.

Tim Schmidt                       (715) 535-4018


Kay Pope                              (715) 535-4031

Library/Media Specialist

Shawn Much                       (715) 535-4017

Special Ed. Director

Marilyn Janke                    (715) 535-4020

Special Ed.

Kelly Hauser                       (715) 535-4003

Special Ed. Aide/Secretary

Wanda Tucker                    (715) 535-4035

Special Ed. Aide

Teresa Griepentrog           (715) 535-4063

Special Ed. Aide

Amy Laatsch  


Karen Durkey