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Spring is Here-Be Alert For Foul Balls and Hurdlers Who May Have Wandered Off-Course!!!

April 18, 2015 - Junior Class Prom on the Boardwalk at Elementary School Gym - 8-12 pm, Grand March - 9:30.  Tickets - $10.00 for Single or $18 per Couple.

To find out the latest news from around the district, check out the Winter Edition of the Tiger Tribune.

Last Chance to Buy Yearbooks - Sales Ended January 31, but a few copies are available.

Marshfield Clinic is again offering a free Behavior Health Clinic on Thursday, April 23.  Click Here to learn more.

A Big Thank You to Wisconsin Public Service for the $1,000 grant to purchase graphing calculators for the Mathematics Department.  We really appreciate the support!


Our District website is, as always, under construction.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to make changes and updates to our site.


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